Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are You a Blamethrower?

We all have habits we are unaware of.

Sometimes these habits are good and sometimes they are bad. SuccessHabit1

One bad habit that 90% of the poor people in my study had was not taking responsibility for the circumstance of their lives.

In short, they blamed everyone but themselves for their financial circumstances.

There are plenty of people who have this Poor Habit of making excuses.

You see them all around you.

They blame traffic for getting into work late.

They blame their boss or “politics” for not getting the promotion.

They blame the economy for their financial problems.

When you make a habit of blaming others or outside forces for things that go wrong in your life, you essentially give up control of your life.

You become a blamethrower


And it doesn’t take long for those around you, especially bosses and supervisors, to label you as a person who cannot be trusted with responsibility.

When you blame others or outside forces when things do not go your way, you are essentially saying to supervisors, clients, customers or anyone else who relies on you – “don’t’ trust me with responsibility“.

Blamethrowers do not get raises and promotions and they are the first ones to be fired by their company, clients or customers.

Let everyone you know see you, instead, as someone who throws themselves on the sword when things go wrong.

Taking individual responsibility for everything that happens in your life, even bad things, helps you regain psychological control of your life.

People around you will respect you for it.

They will see that you as a person who can be trusted with responsibility.

Stop being a blamethrower and start making a habit of taking responsibility for things that go wrong.

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